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Bronze Sponsor | Elwa Sunrise | Uganda

Child sponsorship

$35 per month or $420 per year

$35/mo. is allocated as follows:

  • School uniform
  • Basic medical care
  • Family Bible
  • Administrative costs

Basic guidelines for sponsor:

  • One-year commitment
  • Adhere to governing rules/guidelines and privacy policy

Donor benefits:

  • Select your child to pray for him/her
  • Child correspondence via letters and pictures

Which children receive sponsorship?

In order:

  • Orphans (no biological parents as guardians)
  • Foster children in the care of guardians
  • Children of single-parent homes
  • Families with multiple children attending our school
  • Families whose children have attended our school previously

Basic guidelines for the sponsored family:

  • Attend monthly Bible teaching
  • Cooperate with welfare checks
  • Participate in future vocational opportunities 

Steps to sponsorship:

Child sponsorship details

Child sponsorship is the easiest way to partner with our school community. Your gift will alleviate the insistent needs of families that often choose between school fees, food or medical care. A child can attend school carefree with some of their practical needs met. The family will be taught Biblical principles and given responsibility, dignity, and honor. They will also receive opportunities for schooling or training and eventually weaned off of our program.

Silver Sponsor | Elwa Sunrise | Uganda

Community Collaboration Projects

$50 per month or $600 per year

$50 contribution allocated as follows:

  • Agricultural training
  • Poultry/piggery training
  • Vocational training for parents
  • Small business loans for parents

*Allocated at the discretion of Elwa Sunrise School


Basic guidelines for the donor:

  • One-year commitment
  • Adhere to governing rules/guidelines and privacy policy

Donor benefits:

  • Benefits of Bronze sponsorship
  • Parent correspondence via photos and/or video
  • Family/business updates

Which parents receive assistance?

  • Successful interviewees and trainees
  • Parents with developed small business plans
  • Single parents (typically mothers) and vulnerable girls receive priority

Basic guidelines for assisted parent:

  • On-going business training/guidance
  • Attend monthly Bible teaching
  • Cooperate with welfare checks

Steps to donating to Community collaboration

Community Project overviews

Types of projects available

  • Agricultural training– Agriculture is by far one of the most profitable industries in Uganda. About 85% of people in Uganda own a personal garden and eat from it. However, few know the benefits and skills of making agriculture profitable and sustainable for their families. With the help of trained farmers, we will provide parents with skills that will increase their income, teach them how to grow their own medicine when sick and farm organically and naturally. Your gift will help develop our school demonstration garden so we can feed our children with healthy vegetables and community members can learn.


  • Piggery Farm– Also very profitable in Uganda is the business of selling and mating pigs. It is not only a source of food but can be sold for large amounts to pay for school fees, bride prices, and debts. Your donation will help develop a demonstration pig farm which will bring income and food to our school and training for our parents.


  • Vocational Skills Training– Lack of education is a massive issue in Uganda. We endeavor to provide parents with funds to begin vocational training at local schools so that they can create financial sustainability for their families. We also realize that education brings dignity and honor to a family and their children. Your gift will send a parent to school with full or partial sponsorship. They will be held accountable for their progress and implementation of skills.


  • Small Business Loans– There are many entrepreneurs in Uganda who simply need assistance getting off the ground. After interviews, weeks of training and accountability, selected parents will be given raw materials to begin their businesses. They are expected to be accountable, grow and give a percentage of their income to the school until the loan amount is satisfied. Your donation will provide them with capital and guidance throughout their business training by a professional.

Gold Sponsor | Elwa Sunrise | Uganda

School Building Project

$100+ per month or $1,200+ per year

$100 contribution allocated as follows:

  • Teacher training
  • Building classrooms up to the secondary (high school) level
  • Additional land purchasing fund
  • Developing current school grounds
  • Curriculum upgrades and materials

Donor benefits:

  • Benefits of Silver and Gold sponsors
  • Website recognition
  • Small gift
  • Personal notes from children, teachers and/or staff

Basic guidelines for the donor:

  • One-year commitment
  • Adhere to governing rules/guidelines and privacy policy

Steps to donating to Community collaboration

Building Project Details

Types of building projects available

  • Curriculum Upgrades and Teacher Training Uganda curriculum falls a bit shy of raising readers and critical thinkers. Unfortunately, many teachers fail in these skills as well. With curriculum upgrades, we can upgrade our phonics, numeracy and critical thinking curriculum with a Biblical perspective. Naturally, we have to train our teachers to understand and implement it effectively. These programs and training opportunities, however, come with a high price that your gift can help to alleviate so that we can train and raise great minds for the present and future.

  • Building Classrooms– We have been able to build our primary and nursery schools successfully, however our secondary (high school) grounds have yet to be realized. Your donation will allow us to build additional, large classrooms to suit our Montessori/child-centered learning approach. 
  • Additional Land Purchasing Fund- Lira became  an official city in August 2020. This gives our city and school substantial influence and potential in Uganda. With city status, purchasing additional land is not only necessary so that we can continue building, but it will also be challenging as prices have increased. Your contribution will help us to purchase land for future classrooms and eventually teacher living quarters and a parent resource center.
  • Developing School Grounds- A school environment ought to be safe and inviting. We can maintain and upgrade our current environment with a school field for sports, seating tables, greenery, etc. Your donation will cause our students and visitors to feel welcomed and warm.